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The Benefits Of IV Pushes

Depending on your health and wellness goals, individuals in and around Goodyear, AZ, and the surrounding area have the option to choose from IV pushes, IV shots, and IV infusions. At Infinity Mobile IV Pros, we discuss your health and wellness goals and determine which option, or combination of options, is best suited for your desired results.

The Basics of IV Pushes

An IV push is administered intravenously, but it is different than a traditional type of IV treatment. The IV push is a more concentrated solution that is injected intravenously into the client. This process is completed by a trained nurse or paramedic, ensuring the push is correctly administered.

An IV push takes very little time, and it is the perfect solution for those in a hurry or without the time to sit for a full infusion. The IV therapy will require about thirty to sixty minutes to complete, while a Myers’ cocktail IV push or other vitamin push can be completed in just a few minutes. As with infusion therapy, this can be repeated as needed to feel energized, and hydrated and to support the body.

In addition to our Myers’ Cocktail IV push, we also provide a Vitamin B12 IV push, Vitamin C IV push, and a Glutathione IV push. We can customize your treatment to include both an IV infusion and an IV push based on your desired results. This is often the best option when our clients have various health and wellness goals and want to complete their treatment with one visit rather than multiple visits from our nurses.

For more information about IV pushes, infusions, and shots in Goodyear, AZ, contact Infinity Mobile IV Pros at 602-717-5750.

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